Saturday, August 4, 2012

Remove Special Offers on your Kindle for FREE

“Save $30 and get rid of those ads in less than 10 minutes!”

I recently purchased a Kindle for $47.50 using my Amazon Rewards Visa Credit Card and the code KINDLE40 for 40% off the Kindle and Kindle Accessories.  I chose to buy the $79 version (with Special Offers) over the $109 version (without Special Offers) based on advice from a friend.  He shared a lifehacker post by Jason Chen with a link on how to remove these special offers quite easily and quickly.  The process should take about five to ten minutes depending on your familiarity with computers.

Kindle Fire Savings Receipt
Save up to $100 by entering checkout: KINDLE40 Until 8/15/12

Ray, the author of Y24K and Matt Flint did an excellent job explaining how to remove the Special Offers.  They provide step by step instructions with screenshots for Windows 7 users.  Check out the lifehacker article here and the explanation on Y24K here.  

You should note this could be considered a violation of the EULA and some might take a moral position against this.  I personally chose not to because the ads didn’t bother me particularly and are not present when reading, rather than for moral reasons.  Many people claim that once they buy an item it is theirs and, thus, they can do what they like with it.  Reasons other than improving the appearance of the home page could be for people who have children and don’t want them to accidentally make purchases. 

If you would like to remove the Special Offers and don’t wish to use this method you can also upgrade at any time on your Kindle Device or on the Amazon website.  If you do this your account will be charged $30 regardless of how long you have had the Special Offers.

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