Saturday, August 4, 2012

Remove the Date or Time Stamp on Blogger Posts

“Post your articles anytime day or night without disclosing the time it was published.”

If you have a blog and have ever wanted to get a head start on the week by posting a bunch of articles all at once and not have to pace them out day by day or don’t want people to know you wrote and posted your article at 4am than I have the solution.  A fellow blogger asked me in a chat about this problem pertaining to his blog and I was unable to help him at the time.  While I was working on the “reactions” for the site I stumbled across the solution, which is very easy, but might not be found in the places you would look.
I will be posting this for the old Blogger interface as that is what I currently use and am familiar with.  I may revise this in the upcoming months as Google claims they will be removing the old interface. 

After logging into the Blogger: Dashboard navigate to the Design page.
Click on the circled "Design" link

Look for the Edit link in the Blog Posts section and click that to open a new window.
Click on the circled "Edit" link

You should see the window below.  Uncheck the two circled boxes,  those to settings you prefer.  (Perhaps only the day rather than the time.)   There are many other options here you can tinker with as well so don’t be shy.
Uncheck the boxes or change the settings to meet your needs

If you have any questions on How to do anything related to personal finance, blogging, or just an obstacle you would like me to try and tackle please comment or email me your suggestions!

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