Monday, August 6, 2012

Amazon Price Error on Left 4 Dead 2 Xbox 360

"Earn a quick bit of cash by taking advantage of this Amazon glitch"

I usually wouldn't take the time to post this.  The strategy is rather obvious, but this provides a nice walkthrough for a first time "reseller".  More importantly, this glitch has been around for several months now.  I have traded in the max amount of 2 games (if only I knew before that there was a max!) so I figured I would share with everyone else.  Consistently the Amazon Trade-In Price has been higher than the lowest used listing price by as much as $6.  Similar effects have been seen with the Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 game, but not with any of the special/DLC versions.  Currently the difference is only a few dollars, but that doesn't hurt if you are planning to buy some textbooks in the upcoming months.  If you want a bigger payout search eBay or Craigslist to pick it up even cheaper.  Amazon isn't the only one to greatly undervalue this game's worth.  Even if you own the game it is a great time to sell or trade it in for more than it's worth!

$21.60 Trade in value compared to...
$12.50 on eBay, results in a profit of $9.50!

How to do it:
Start by searching Amazon for the listing or clicking here.  Make sure the item meets the trade in requirements as seen in the image below.  Then on the right side of the page, underneath all the purchasing methods and the option to sell yours on Amazon you will see "Get up to a $21.60 Amazon gift card" and a button reading "Trade in here."  Follow the steps, print out the label, and make sure to drop it off at the UPS drop box before the deadline.

The game you trade in must meet these conditions

Quick Tips
  • Whenever doing an Amazon Trade in, lock in the price as soon as possible and check back before you print the label and ship the package.  The trade in value of games will often increase if you wait a few days to ship the item out.
  • Save the package the game you purchased came in and use this to mail it to Amazon to save on material costs.
  • Don't include DLC codes!  These do not qualify as "all original elements" and Amazon gives you nothing extra for including them.  You can sell these codes by themselves on eBay or other sites.
  • Mark to have your game returned if it does not qualify rather than having them give you less credit if you believe you could sell it elsewhere for more.  Amazon pays shipping both ways!
  • You can only trade in games twice, but your friends and family each have 2 trade ins to use.  Share this with them!

So you are now stuck with twenty-something dollars in Amazon credit, but really just need some cash to pay the bills.  Check back soon for my next article on the tricks that I use when I need to liquidate my Amazon (and other store) credit.  

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