Sunday, August 5, 2012

Find Free Coupons Online for Tobacco Products

“Find monthly coupons for your favorite tobacco brands and save big!”

Are you a smoker?  Do you dip or chew?  Maybe you aren’t into that and you just like Snus and dissolvable tobacco.  Regardless of your preferences I have compiled a list of all of the tobacco companies that offer coupons for free online.  Each offer differs by brand and month; however, it is common to see a choice of smaller denominations ($1) off pack or tins or larger amounts ($3-5) off cartons and rolls.  In addition to this or as a replacement you may see a buy 1 pack or tin and get 1 pack or tin free.

Simply visit the site and fill out a quick form in a few minutes.  Some have email verification, most will allow you to print or request coupons in the mail immediately after registration.

Tobacco Brand
Contact Information for Coupons

If you are interested in Basic, please call: 1-866-862-2742.
Black & Mild

Camel Snus
Camel Dissolvables




L & M
Natural American Spirit


Pall Mall

If you are interested in Parliament, please call: 1-800-494-6444.
Red Man

Red Seal

Virginia Slims

If you are interested in Virginia Slims, please call: 1-866-487-5467.

This list contains all 21 of the US tobacco brands that offer free online coupons.  I obtained this list by starting with slightly under one hundred tobacco brands of all types.  I then used two search engines and information listed on their corporate websites to compile the list of 21.  The others either did not have a site or offer any sort of coupons or promotional rewards.   *Black and mild did not currently have coupons, but offered a free ashtray.  If I was able to identify how frequently the coupons could be requested it is noted in the Availability column.   

Quick Tips:

  • Many offer more than 1 coupon per month so make sure you don’t miss any!
  • Provide REAL information.  Otherwise you won't qualify or receive your coupons.
  • Share with your friends and swap coupons so you all save more on your favorite brands!
  • If you enjoy sweepstakes keep an eye out for these since they are easy to win.
  • The offers begin and end each calendar month, NOT every 30/31 days.
  • Printing allows you instant access to your coupons and gives you more time to use them, but waiting a few weeks in the mail saves ink and paper (just don't forget to redeem).

If you don’t use tobacco products please come back soon for my article on how to make money each month by selling tobacco and other free coupons!  If you found this helpful please leave me some feedback and share with any smokers you might know that could save a few bucks!

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