Monday, August 6, 2012

Amazon Price Error on Left 4 Dead 2 Xbox 360

"Earn a quick bit of cash by taking advantage of this Amazon glitch"

I usually wouldn't take the time to post this.  The strategy is rather obvious, but this provides a nice walkthrough for a first time "reseller".  More importantly, this glitch has been around for several months now.  I have traded in the max amount of 2 games (if only I knew before that there was a max!) so I figured I would share with everyone else.  Consistently the Amazon Trade-In Price has been higher than the lowest used listing price by as much as $6.  Similar effects have been seen with the Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 game, but not with any of the special/DLC versions.  Currently the difference is only a few dollars, but that doesn't hurt if you are planning to buy some textbooks in the upcoming months.  If you want a bigger payout search eBay or Craigslist to pick it up even cheaper.  Amazon isn't the only one to greatly undervalue this game's worth.  Even if you own the game it is a great time to sell or trade it in for more than it's worth!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Find Free Coupons Online for Tobacco Products

“Find monthly coupons for your favorite tobacco brands and save big!”

Are you a smoker?  Do you dip or chew?  Maybe you aren’t into that and you just like Snus and dissolvable tobacco.  Regardless of your preferences I have compiled a list of all of the tobacco companies that offer coupons for free online.  Each offer differs by brand and month; however, it is common to see a choice of smaller denominations ($1) off pack or tins or larger amounts ($3-5) off cartons and rolls.  In addition to this or as a replacement you may see a buy 1 pack or tin and get 1 pack or tin free.

Simply visit the site and fill out a quick form in a few minutes.  Some have email verification, most will allow you to print or request coupons in the mail immediately after registration.

Tobacco Brand
Contact Information for Coupons

If you are interested in Basic, please call: 1-866-862-2742.
Black & Mild

Camel Snus
Camel Dissolvables




L & M
Natural American Spirit


Pall Mall

If you are interested in Parliament, please call: 1-800-494-6444.
Red Man

Red Seal

Virginia Slims

If you are interested in Virginia Slims, please call: 1-866-487-5467.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Remove the Date or Time Stamp on Blogger Posts

“Post your articles anytime day or night without disclosing the time it was published.”

If you have a blog and have ever wanted to get a head start on the week by posting a bunch of articles all at once and not have to pace them out day by day or don’t want people to know you wrote and posted your article at 4am than I have the solution.  A fellow blogger asked me in a chat about this problem pertaining to his blog and I was unable to help him at the time.  While I was working on the “reactions” for the site I stumbled across the solution, which is very easy, but might not be found in the places you would look.
I will be posting this for the old Blogger interface as that is what I currently use and am familiar with.  I may revise this in the upcoming months as Google claims they will be removing the old interface. 

Remove Special Offers on your Kindle for FREE

“Save $30 and get rid of those ads in less than 10 minutes!”

I recently purchased a Kindle for $47.50 using my Amazon Rewards Visa Credit Card and the code KINDLE40 for 40% off the Kindle and Kindle Accessories.  I chose to buy the $79 version (with Special Offers) over the $109 version (without Special Offers) based on advice from a friend.  He shared a lifehacker post by Jason Chen with a link on how to remove these special offers quite easily and quickly.  The process should take about five to ten minutes depending on your familiarity with computers.

Kindle Fire Savings Receipt
Save up to $100 by entering checkout: KINDLE40 Until 8/15/12

Making Cent$ of the Ads on the Page

“Hopefully, the last time you’ll see a cheesy pun involving making sense of this site!” 

I have added several widgets to the site that I’m sure you have noticed.   These ads lead to sites that I use to make a bit of extra cash on the side.  While some of them do offer great deals, others are there purely for the chance of a bit of revenue.  In the future I will highlight some of them and detail the ways to earn the most money in the least amount of time.  I will note the positives and the negatives to give you a full image of the ones I endorse and think are worth your time.  I will also show you screen shots and photos of cash outs and rewards I have received as a little motivation to get you going.

Friday, August 3, 2012

How to Save up to 97% on Textbooks

“How I bought a semester’s worth of books for the cost of a single book at the bookstore.”

August is upon us and that means many students have less than a month before classes start.  Most students are blowing some of their hard earned summer cash and trying to push the fall semester into the deep recesses of their minds.  While everyone else is trying to forget about school, spend a bit of time to purchase your books early and save yourself money and stress.  I’ll provide you with several tips I have come across purchasing textbooks for 10 semesters.

This doesn't make sense.. What is this?

"Get to know a little about the site and the author."

If you have found your way here I would like to welcome you and hope you enjoy the content and return in the future!   It All Makes Cent$ Now! is a blog that I have decided to create as an outlet for my personal finance related ideas.  In the articles I will share unique ways I make money and how I save the money I make.  If you have any questions or article suggestions I would be happy to give them my best shot.

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